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Thinking About an Online Course?
Work With Me & We'll Find Your
Best Topic & Title for a Rockstar Course - for FREE!


How Does It Work?

One of the biggest challenges for every new course creator is to figure out your
Topic and your Title for your next course... and I want to help you!

Each day for 5 days you'll get an email with a short video with a step
for you to take to take that day.

And the best part? You can get feedback every single day during our Q&A sessions!

When Is It?

October 2 - October 8, 2023

Busy? Just Spend 15 Minutes!

The challenge is set up with a 15-minute assignment each day...

If you're super-busy, just do this assignment (and if you have a
little more time, we have a "dig deeper" version too).

You can use your phone while you sit in the car pool line...
Or skip Netflix that day...

Remember we are doing this for the rest of this year and beyond.
Let's get started creating your online asset!

Normal price: $197

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)

Topic and Title Challenge

Want to be the first to get in on this?

You can! Let's get you started on the path to your own online course.

I can't wait to work with you to share my secrets for finding a
phenomenal topic and a course title that wows your audience!

Normal price: $197

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)

Here's what you'll do...

Topic and Title 5 Day Challenge


Find Out WHO You Want to Help

Let's start by looking for the problems your audience has... and determining where you can help on the journey. I have some unique ways for you to find your perfect audience.

Topic and TItle 5 Day Challenge Day 2


Research Their Pains & Problems

I've got 6 different places for you to look for the challenges your audience faces. Use my Course Creator Mapping System(TM) to sort your ideas. Then we'll rank them to find the perfect one for you to choose.

Topic and TItle 5 Day Challenge Day 3


Select Your ROCKSTAR Topic

Use my 3-step proprietary system to select the topic for your course. You'll know the perfect place to start with your course & what transformation you will provide.

Topic and TItle 5 Day Challenge Day 4


Crack the Code on Your Results

Put your course through my template so you can describe exactly what results your students will have when they take your online course.

Topic and TItle 5 Day Challenge Day 5


Pick a Title That WOWS and Get Feedback

Finally we will create a name that grabs the attention of your audience and pulls them into your course... and get feedback on your top 3 titles.

Jump Into the Challenge Today!

I can't wait to work with you and get your Rockstar Course started!

All the Best! Julie

Normal price: $197

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)

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