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Date:  Monday, April 1, 2024

From the desk of Julie Hood, Course Creators HQ

Re: You’re invited to join me... and skyrocket your profits!

Hi there Course Creator!

Do you find yourself frustrated because you just can’t get in front of your ideal students?

Do you say things like....

  • I just don’t know where to start to sell my course. 
  • What does it actually take to get people to sign up?
  • My life is just too busy right now. I’ll work on it later. 
  • I definitely DON’T want to be one of those sleazy (and annoying) sales people.
  • I’m not sure I can do it...

I think we’ve all said these statements at one time or another!

But I want to make it easier and simpler for you. 

I’ve spent the past 20 years and thousands of hours looking for the best ways to sell online… and now you can benefit from all those mistakes and missteps (and avoid them)!

What if you had some simple systems, a personal guide and a support group of other course creators to help you create a custom marketing plan just for you and your online course?

So you could finally get your course out into the world…

… help a lot of people with your expertise, 

… plus make some revenue while you are at it!

Let me share exactly how I can help…

I’ve put together a very simple system to help you know what to do and when to do it...

… And this isn’t some cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all plan!

You use my Course Profits Blueprintand customize it to what you like to do. 

You’ll pick the marketing techniques you like (and avoid the ones you don’t)!

It has taken me literally 20 years of testing to put this together...
... so learn from all my mistakes instead of making them yourself!

I only have one piece of the puzzle that’s a cornerstone piece you must do. 

After that, you get to pick and choose!

Instead of you taking years and years like I did… trying to figure this out on your own…. 

…throwing things out there to see what worked. 

Let’s start with the Course Profits Blueprint and accelerate your results!

Let me introduce you to the Course Profits Accelerator…


Round 6 Starts Now and

runs through November 30, 2024!

What Do You Get?

This program is very focused on implementation… I want you to get your marketing up and running like a well-oiled machine. So we will be very focused on working ON your course business to keep you moving forward.

Course Profits Blueprint (Value $497)

You'll take this blueprint and work through the three stages... I give you a detailed checklist so you know exactly what to do right now and what to do later! This can be one of the toughest parts of starting a course business - and getting this right will determine whether or not you succeed.

Ultimate Course Launch Blueprint (Value $297) 

You'll be able to map out your next launch using my Ultimate Course Launch Blueprint that explains exactly what you need to decide, plan and create!

Monthly Implementation Workshops (Value $1,782)

Each month we’ll have a two- to three-hour implementation workshop to get things done… I’ll guide you to what to work on and then we will use the time to execute! 

Instead of spending an hour teaching and then telling you to “go do it,” we actually work on your projects inside the workshops so you get them done.

Here are some of the ones we've done in the past:

  • What Do I Need to Do First + Your Content Creation Plan 
  • Create Your Next Amazing Lead Magnet and Landing Page
  • Your First (or Next!) Traffic Source

    And yes, these will all be recorded if you can’t make them!

Monthly Q&A Sessions with Julie (Value $1,125)

Each month we’ll have a Zoom Q&A session where you can ask any questions you have about marketing and selling your course. 

Monthly Study Hall Sessions (Value $300)

There is something magical about working on our businesses together… each month, we’ll have a “quiet” study hall session where we will be working but quiet on Zoom. You’ll be amazed how much you can get done when you focus... with everyone else!

Monthly Email Study Hall Sessions (Value $300)

Because your emails are SO important, we are going to have an email study hall... to make sure you spend time on your email every single month!

Monthly Templates (Value $600)

Each month you’ll have access to template files to make your business life easier and faster to implement your projects.

For example, 

  • Content Prompts for the Year + Your Editorial Calendar
  • Who Exactly Is Your Ideal Customer
  • Don't Start with a Blank Page - Email Marketing Templates

Monthly Mindset Guides (Value $600)

Each month you’ll have a mindset guide to help you move forward:

For example,

  • Who is Your Ideal Customer?
  • I Am Productive Because I Commit to Planning
  • 365 Days of Inspiration

Mastermind Group (Priceless)

Because we are working together so closely, we have pulled together a very tight-knit group who support each other!

BONUS #1 - Your Launch Blueprint + Two-Page 2024 Marketing Plan

Create your marketing plan for the year - on just two pages. Watch the recorded training and then fill out your plan. You will also have access to the Ultimte Launch Blueprint to plan out your launch from start to finish (so you don't miss anything)!

BONUS #2 - Giveaways List (Value $500)

My team will be tracking upcoming giveaways so you can find an easy way to build your email list. 

BONUS #3 - Effortless Email Marketing for Course Creators: What to Send, How to Send It and Secrets for Making It Work ($497 value)

One of the key tenets of successful course marketing is your email marketing… so you’ll get this course for free on exactly how to build your email list, what to send, and how to take our email marketing to the next level (and use it to sell your course)!

BONUS #4 - Sales Page Creation Secrets for Course Creators: How to Create and Design a Page That Wows Your Students ($497 value)

You also need to have a sales page that describes your course and sells it for you. This course will use my 17-step proprietary formula to take you from blank screen to fully designed sales page. And then use your monthly “Review Your Content” submission to get feedback. 

BONUS #5 - Joint Ventures for Course Creators: The Secret Sauce to Use Other People’s Lists to Find Your Perfect Students ($497 value)

The next thing you’ll need is traffic and leads for your course… and the Joint Ventures course shares 10 different ways you can work with other people to find your perfect students. 

(And in case you're wondering... the times for these sessions shift around so we can hit all kinds of schedules... sometimes mornings, sometimes evenings and sometimes Saturdays. Plus we record sessions if you can't make it.)

You'll retain access to all these materials as long as you are a member of one of the current rounds.

So yes, I’ve tried to make this an irresistible offer for you… and a no brainer to jump in!

Let’s recap everything that is included in the Course Profits Accelerator:

  • Course Profits Blueprint™ (Value $497)
  • Ultimate Course Launch Blueprint (Value $297)
  • Monthly Implementation Workshops (Value $1,782)
  • Monthly Study Hall Sessions (Value $300)
  • Monthly Email Study Hall Sessions (Value $300)
  • Monthly Templates (Value $600)
  • Monthly Mindset Guides (Value $600)
  • BONUS #1 - Your Launch Blueprint + Two-Page 2024 Marketing Plan (Value $297)
  • BONUS #2 - Giveaways List (Value $500)
  • BONUS #3 - Effortless Email Marketing for Course Creators: What to Send, How to Send It and Secrets for Making It Work (Value $497)
  • BONUS #4 - Sales Page Creation Secrets for Course Creators: How to Create and Design a Page That Wows Your Students (Value $497)
  • BONUS #5 - Joint Ventures for Course Creators: The Secret Sauce to Use Other People’s Lists to Find Your Perfect Students (Value $497)

Total Value of the Entire Program $6,664!  But you can get started for just $797 or 6 payments of $147!


Remember we are focused on implementation…
so you can skyrocket the sales of your course!

Who Is This For (and Not For)?

Course Profits Accelerator is designed for experts who have a course or mini-course created and you are either ready to sell it or very close to being ready to sell. 

If your course is close to finished, make that goal in the next couple weeks to get to a place where you can sell it (not necessarily done, but sellable). Besides, are we ever really “done” with our courses? They are in a constant state of improvement!

Here are 3 Reasons You Need to Get Your

Course Out to the World in 2024

Reason #1: Your perfect students really need you and your brilliance.

We need your ideas out in the world. We need what you know… to make our lives better, to make our families better, to make our businesses better, and you are the only one who can share it in your voice with your experience!

Reason #2: The world is shifting to online learning.... In a whole new way!

The global pandemic has created this amazing opening for online entrepreneurs… more and more people are learning how easy it is to get the scoop from experts while they sit at home in their comfy chairs and sleep at night in their own beds (instead of uncomfortable hotel beds)!

In fact, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025… so let’s get your piece of that pie.

Reason #3: You’ll expand your revenue opportunities.

Regardless of how you like to work with clients, an online course gives you tons of new ways to make more money. 

First, you can create a DIY version of your course… so students can buy it and work through it on their own time. 

Second, you can create a group coaching version of your course (at a higher price, of course!) so you can add in group sessions and work through the course together as a community. 

Third, if you do one-to-one coaching, you can use your course…

… as a training agenda for your clients or

… even as a free bonus for them!

So instead of spending hours sharing the same things over and over, you can share that content on your course platform… and then use your coaching sessions to dig much deeper in less time.

"One of the best investments I've ever made."

When Paul Lawrence Vann and I worked together, he said,

“It is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Not only is Julie’s Course Creator system clear and concise, I was able to finish my course in 24 hours and I no longer have the concept for my course in my head.

I highly recommend you invest…

A Course Gives You Much More Impact,

to Help Many More People,

in Much Less Time

You’ll have the leverage to sell it whenever someone is ready to buy...

… Plus bundling courses with other coaching and services is an amazing way to raise your prices.

I can’t wait to help you get your message out into the world. 

If you’ve made it this far and aren’t quite sure if this is for you… 

… here’s what just a few people had to say about working with me.

So I’m sure you have questions. Feel free to message me here & and I’ll help you answer them. 

Let’s get your course up and running!

To your success!

Julie Hood
Course Creators HQ

PS  -  This is a very limited offer to join us for this round of the Course Profits Accelerator!

I’m limiting the number of people I let into the program… so that you can get individual attention. This will change in the future! 

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you know the first time I offer something new is the very best offer you will see. So don’t wait and make sure you get on board right now!

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